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Amount: pieces
Unit price: 2.13€/ pc (incl. VAT)
Amount: pieces
Unit price: 3,56€/ pc (incl. VAT)


  • 100% biodegradable
  • No environmentally hazardous waste products
  • Unique usage principle
  • Patents at DPMA, EPA and USPTO
  • Trendy and modern
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Maximum intensive drinking taste
  • Ideal as an advertising platform


  • No artificial aromas ⟶ only natural and natural-identical aromas
  • Controlled without chemical and toxic products
  • The range is constantly being expanded, also with seasonal tea mixtures
  • Country of origin of the base tea: worldwide certified cultivation areas
  • Strict renouncement of children and forced labor of the long-term suppliers
  • Country of origin of tea mixtures: Germany
  • First hand and directly from the fairtrade and biocertified manufacturer


  • Picture best in format: jpeg, png, gif, tiff
  • Print dimensions 15 x 100mm
  • Write your own text
  • Message is read immediately after the unfolding process
  • The message is always noticed when stirring


  • Picture best in format: jpeg, png, gif, tiff
  • Print dimensions 40 x 55mm
  • Write your own text
  • Greenspoon stands vertically
  • Message is read immediately
  • First impression of the message already at the hand over


  • All colors are biodegradable
  • All colors are food safe and tested by TÜV
  • Harmonious transition between flavors and choosed picture
  • Color selection via the ink fountain


  • Complete Greenspoon configuration
  • From 50€ minimum order value we will send your Greenspoon free of charge within Germany
  • Total price (incl. VAT):
  • Prices for companies and major clients please ask by E-Mail


  • Filling quantity: 5 Greenspoon in representative cut-outs
  • For Greenspoon we recommend
  • Outer dimensions: 230 x 160 x 20 mm
  • Cheap transport costs for only 1,45 € (in Germany)
  • Without adhesive or environmentally hazardous waste products
  • Inlay 100% biodegradable and food-safe
  • Incl. Greenspoon outside sticker and DIN A6 flyer

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The production time depends on your individual Greenspoon. Usually four weeks are realistic. Additional the above non-binding delivery times, which are dependent on the country of delivery.

Color fidelity

All raw materials are biodegradable and it may happen that there are deviations between the color on the image and the color on your Greenspoon. Also, the color of Greenspoon may change during the application in water.

Note: We as team of Geschmacksentfaltung only use biodegradable materials tested by independent testing institutes and certification institutes in germany. Alone for this examinations and certifications we have invested a good five-figure sum.

Customer opinion

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  • Annual tea and coffee consumption in Germany per person "to-go": 90 liters
  • Means 7.5 billion plastic spoons per year in Germany
  • These are neither biologically produced, nor degradable and are usually thrown away unrecycled
  • Worldwide five times more short-lived disposable products
  • Components of traditional tea bags: metal clamps, label, thread and plastic packaging
  • Tea bags dripping out of the water when you take them out, and you need a stirring device anyway


  • Less waste products from plastic and metal for infused drinks
  • 1 food-safe, food compatible and 100% biodegradable material
  • No effect on appearance, smell and taste
  • Environmentally friendly and innovative solution with added value for companies and private persons

Our development partners:

This project was made possible by various support of our development partners:
Edelmann GmbH, Stora Enso, TÜV Rheinland AG and Innovationszentrum Aalen. Thank you very much.

Stora Enso is a leading provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wood and paper.
Edelmann is one of Germany's leading packaging manufacturers, providing innovative packaging solutions for healthcare,
beauty care & consumer brands.
The TÜV Rheinland AG is an international, independent testing service provider and operates as a technical inspection organization.
Innovationszentrum Aalen is a project funded by the EU, whose target is to strengthen the innovative power of enterprises, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises.


The design and the finished Greenspoon are just perfect!!
The teaspoons have just arrived and look great ...
Within 5 days from the first call to delivery of the goods. Quick, clean just perfect!
Even after several correction loops available at any time, polite and ready to make changes. Super Support.
Our sales persons appreciate the gift box as a new opportunity to say thank you to our customers.
The production was quickly and smoothly as the consulting and the design production.
We are always interested in new ideas and see great potential here.
A new and biological promotional item which we would like to include in our novelties catalog.
You can really be successful with the product with us because we see great potential for the article.
Greenspoon is a special promotional item in our house.
We have a few approaches to sell the product together with you to our fans, but also to offer our guests in the business club for consumption.
We love the idea with the folding spoons! Through the personal contact you have even more confidence to the company.
The customers like the tea bag in the individual customer design. Very good.
Greenspoon is really very exciting and interesting.
Although we distribute tea exclusively in our own brand, the article is really interesting.
Eco campaign with flavor guarantee.
Great product, great potential.
We like your product. It´s very interesting and like to take it over to our shop. Too bad that something was not already on the market earlier.
Your product is great! Just looking for new gifts for our tenants as a welcomepresent.
Thanks for the great samples. The product is top. We are all very enthusiastic about how fast and uncomplicated the team works.
Have presented the spoon in a newsletter to our customers. Consistently positive resonance ...
The best black tea I have ever drunk... i will order the black tea for private purposes also.
We like your products. It´s very interesting and would like to use this as an advertising medium for the STI Group.
It was important to us that we get a individually branded item for internal communications.
The teaspoon of the future replaces badly recyclable disposable plastic stirring devices and single tea bags.
When the district councilor Klaus Pavel repeatedly speaks of Ostalb as a space of talents and patents, he has people in mind like the inventor of Greenspoon.
Greenspoon offers tea in a new way... combine renewable raw materials, personalization and a modern new way to enjoy tea.
Greenspoon is really unique. Spoon and tea bag in one... pure sustainability. Stop with the waste, welcome enjoyment.
The company attaches great importance to customers. Have convinced myself and have a positive feeling when i read the name Geschmacksentfaltung GmbH.
Products that bring customer contacts and create memories.
Because they are adapting to the trends of the future. Greenspoon will also be used by us for marketing and advertising purposes.
We hear many new stories and ideas, but we have never seen anything like this. Are absolutely thrilled!
They care about their customers ... World novelty green spoon.
Other advertising item manufacturers can cut a big slice of it.
A spontaneous visit to company quickly became a convincing order. Class product.


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